Shipping & Returns

Orders placed before 9:00 pm Pacific time, Monday to Thursday delivery the next day.

Orders Friday to 21:00 on Monday.

How to work NEXT every day?
It is very easy to go before 9am will be a day to spend the delivery. Once your order has been received and your choice of delivery the next day, check the security. All orders are successfully dispatched for delivery to our team, which selects and packs the project and all that each packaging company, we are ready to set up the delivery the next day.

What is the day of delivery?
The next working day, from Monday to Thursday from 21:00 to order. Order 21.00 next next working day (If booked Tuesday 05.30 the project is planned for Thursday). 21 Friday: After 00, it will be Saturday or Sunday every series will be released on Tuesday.

If I have more points, but not for the next round?
We have to minimize the risk of this happening. Part of the reason when you place more orders, each series is missing, we follow a simple process to give you an idea:

All available points, you will be sent the next day to receive e-mail.
If the item is not available the next day we will use an e-mail to write all other components. In fact, the plant will soon give us there, we will mail mails back.
If the item is not on board, we will send you an email reminding us that we are able to send've it can not control. You do not have to pay, we need to send an item, we will postpacks back.

How can I know if the task for delivery the next day?
When you check our website, you can see that the delivery is available. It is at this stage to see the product for delivery the next day.

SERVICE will I pay for my product?
Command moved the specific fare cost to the site, subject to the point where they are delivered in the country. This does not mean that we can not provide any advice or legal obligations to provide. Local tax authorities have made further recommendations on the allegations.

At this time, we are unable to deliver BFPO mail or e-mail orders. What we expect in the near future in services.

Where is my order?
From Monday to Friday between times (except on holidays). By signing the necessary goods to sign. If that is not for the address, Jodl signed the package will try to get a neighbor, the card will be left on the product side.

International: The project is sent to the DPD. That the product requires a signature.

Office can not guarantee the sale and delivery of goods to any country or place, so please pay attention to the import restrictions before ordering